Bringing 30+ Years of Professional Problem Solving & Key Metric Improvements to Businesses Just Like Yours.

Cannabis Consulting Services

We need to speak before you start your cannabis business or start raising money.

Who I Help

If you are an entrepreneur who's even dreaming of, let alone planning to, opening your own

  • Cannabis Grow,
  • Product Manufacturing - infusion or extraction lab
  • Brands & B2B Distribution, or
  • Retail in either a dispensary or as a licensed Delivery Service,

you have more questions than answers and there's a real good chance, you haven't thought of most of the questions.

You are not alone. Put my thirty years of relevant experience and the amazing network I have built over 5 years in the space to work.

I'll make sure you have the following in order before investing the massive sums it takes to make it in the cannabis industry or being ready to raise from investors:

  • Business Plans for investors and agency review
  • Financial Models
  • Local and State Application Creation, Project Management & Submission
  • Operational Strategy & Planning
  • Marketing
  • Compliant packaging
  • Conceptual Facility Design
  • Software & Equipment Recommendations
  • Recruiting & Hiring at all levels
  • Ongoing Compliance Oversight & Audits

Brief Resume

Run SMBs up to $50M and held leadership position in $4B organizations for almost 25 years.

I am a Non-Admitted Attorney in California, with Membership in good standing in the Michigan State Bar since 1995.

Google Certified Marketer since 2014.

My nickname comes from coaching almost 500 players in basketball, soccer, baseball and more over the last 15 years.

Find out why I am beloved by my players, families and community.



Teaching non-cannabis business people the ins & outs of the licensed, state-sanctioned cannabis industry.