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My Services & Rates


With my background, I can't help but come up with ideas that you'll really appreciate and be able to implement immediately. We'll push you from your comfort zone in a supportive, collaborative manner. Not coaching or pyscho-babble - we'll develop real actionable plans for you and your team and I jump right in with you.



Thinking you need to add a rep is a lot different from knowing you do and having a plan for him/her once you land them. We'll come up with a feasible organization structure to give you and your new rep the highest probability of success.



Building a website is easy and practically free these days, but creating one that grows your business is very tricky. As a Google Certified professional as well as a web strategist for  service, product and content suppliers around the country, I can help hit the gas on growth with a keen eye on the ROI of your marketing investment.



We'll come up with an easy to explain, administer and expand comp plan for your sales rep(s) and managers that balance your need to profitably grow with the reps willingness to commit, work hard and stay for the long run.



I can help a single rep or a small team transform from scared order takers to rain makers by focusing on building a process and individual activity and accountability. We'll start at the beginning, building pride in the profession and build up your skills until you are comfortable and getting the results you deserve.


If we decide a Sales Rep is what you need, I am going to find you the right person to execute your strategy with minimal oversight and interruption to your business' health. Your new hire will hit the ground running.


Marketing myself takes time. Help Me & Save!

Special Rates & Packages available for members of groups with similar needs, such as PEG groups or franchisees, who tell their friends.

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