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Owner as a Sales Manager Course

To show the capability of my past employer agency to produce high-quality content, I had the privilege of recording my thoughts on the hardships the owner of a small business faces hiring, training, managing a keeping great sales reps.

It is designed to let you pop around from section to section as your needs evolve.  ( Special thanks to Knox Adams for his amazing editing, and Tom Adams for his expert directing and coaching.)

Scroll Down and jump in wherever you're at now in your journey as an Owner Who Manages (or is considering hiring) Sales Rep(s).

What's this about? Watch and learn.

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Are You Ready & Can You Afford It?

Section 3 - Comp Plans - Creating and Explaining Them to Reps

Section 4 - Being Ready To Hire A Sales Rep

Section 5 - Successful Onboarding Of Your New Rep

Section 6 - Managing Your Sales Rep(s)

Section 7 - Time To Fire Your Rep?

Section 8 - When You Can't Manage Reps Yourself