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Your Business Consultant When You Need to Hit the Gas to Grow & Improve.

Get your operation moving forward with the help of an San Diego business consultant who's been there, listens, cares and comes up with solutions you can implement right away.

How Can San Diego Business Consultant Coach Chris Help You?

Below are just a few examples of the areas of how I have helped business owners and their teams grow their top line, keep more at the end and get the most from their potential.

Exit Planning for Small Business

Are you ready to get out of your small to mid-size business but don't know how? Do you think there is some cleaning up to do first? Ask Chris to add the horsepower you need. 


Is the way your organization structured slowing your down and wasting opportunity? Have you outgrown your old ways and can't seem to find the right shape to your company?


Are you struggling to find the formula of success in your organization? Do you want better performance from your team and yourself with more predictable results? 


Have you struck out in a situation that seems to have no clear end in sight and thinking about Googling "business attorney"? Hit the pause button and tell Chris what's happening first. 

What You'll Be Saying After Working With Coach Chris


Up to speed so fast.

"I was told Chris was talented, but after spending just 90 minutes with him, it was apparent how much he could really help me. It was like he had been working alongside me for months."
Tim McMillan, Owner, Sit Means Sit


Insight & Ideas are priceless.

"Chris is a amazing. He understands my business as if he has been right there with me for the last 20 years. His insights and ideas are priceless and he helps me implement them in very actionable ways. You can't go wrong adding Coach Chris to your team."
Joe Abunassar, Owner, IMPACT 

A Business "Glue Guy" Like None Other

In team sports, a "Glue Guy" is the player who does it all, without fanfare, to make sure the team wins and everybody else reaches their potential.

Thanks to my broad education and licensing as well as over 30 years experience in business management as the "right hand person" to owners of companies from Startups to $2B in annual revenue, you can think of me as a combination platter of many professions and your NEW GLUE GUY.


The intersection of law, business and coaching is a crowded space and the answers are never black and white. Let me help you prioritize and solve problems before things get out of hand. 


Perhaps you don't have the horsepower to pull off a big project or make the changes to your company but also can't afford or need full-time, permanent help. We'll find a way to get your company humming and then pass it on to others to run. 


It's lonely at the top. You may benefit from having someone to work out the issues in your corporate and/or personal life that isn't on your payroll and is free of conflicts and judgements.  Trust me to keep and make the most of your secrets. 


Whether you need to grow your sales, find savings in your workflow, or realign your staff, we'll find the best path forward thanks to the same proven process that's worked for 100's before you. 


Coach, Strategist, Consultant & Mentor With A Proven, Real World Track Record & Attorney Since 1995

Credentials: BBA '92 - Accounting |  MBA '95 - Management  | JD '95 - Business Law  | MICHIGAN State Bar #P53611 (Passed Exam First Time) |  Google Certified Digital Marketer '15

A born and bred creator, innovator and team captain, I offer you the rare combination of formal education and practical, real world experience that you and your business need to reach your full potential.

I started selling, coaching and managing others in the 6th grade at my family's bustling stores in the suburban Detroit area, have run $20M organizations across the US, worked in dealer network of a $4B giant corporation, and helped entrepreneurs of all sizes over the years build and run their operations.

I'd  love to help you almost as much as I enjoy helping my kids and almost 500 of their peers for over a decade as "Coach Chris" in our San Diego suburban community. 

Sales & Business Coach Chris Cahill
Chris doing the coaching he loves.

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With skills and experience to help with any sales and marketing situation at any size business, I would love to hear from you about what's keeping you up at night.

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