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Marketing & Sales Training for Small Businesses Owners

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Coach, Strategist, Consultant & Mentor With A Proven, Real World Track Record

A born and bred creator, innovator and team captain, I offer you the rare combination of formal education and practical, real world experience that you and your business need to reach your full potential.

I started selling, coaching and managing others in the 6th grade at my family's bustling stores in the suburban Detroit area, have run $20M organizations across the US, worked in dealer network of a $4B giant corporation, and helped entrepreneurs of all sizes over the years build and run their operations.

I'd  love to help you almost as much as I enjoy helping my kids and 300+ of their peers for over a decade as "Coach Chris" in our San Diego suburban community. 

Sales & Business Coach Chris Cahill
Chris doing the coaching he loves.

How Can I Help You Grow?

Below are just some of the areas that I have experience helping sales reps, small business owners and their teams.


Are you struggling to find the formula of success in your organization? Do you want better performance from your team and yourself with more predictable results? 


Does your sales staff need help discovering the passion needed to succeed? Are you struggling to onboard new hires? Are your sales meetings turning into woe-is-me coffee clutches? Are you stuck?


Have you struck out in the hiring process in the past? Do you need an objective third-party to help you first define the need and then find just the right star performer? 

What Will It Be Like to Work Together?


Tim McMillan

Owner, Sit Means Sit Dog Training San Diego

"Once I discovered Chris, I realized that I’d been wasting my money running my own online advertising. Almost immediately, the lead flow increased, as did my website traffic, which tells me the quality of leads are much higher. ROI has increased substantially since I started working with Chris."

What Past Students Say

"Chris took me from just a kid fresh from the military who was willing to try hard and wanted to learn and turned me into a talented sales person who gets a job offer from practically every prospect I speak with now.  Thanks Chris." - Chad

"Chris was my first real boss after playing competitive sports my whole life. He made the transition from the playing field to the sales world very natural for me and taught me in a way that was very comfortable. I owe him so much."  - Gracie

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With skills and experience to help with any sales and marketing situation at any size business, I would love to hear from you about what's keeping you up at night.

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