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It's nice to meet you, albeit digitally.

Having recruited, managed, trained and built processes around 100's of great (and some not so great) employees, and worked at the right hand of dozen successful business owners small and large as a full-time member of their teams, I have a lot to give and love to share, teach and DO! 

PS - I am not a 21st Century "Business Coach" but rather a Sherpa who knows the way up the mountain, leads the way and carries a heavy load myself.

I'm proud to have been called Coach Chris by over 400 local area youth athletes.

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What Sort of Help Are You Looking For?

Business Management

Having filled a wide range of key roles in startups, small family businesses, as well as mid to giant companies, learn from my successes, mistakes and mentors across an alarming wide range of subject matters.

Advice & Consulting

Blessed at birth and through hard work and a decent personality, I have been fortunate to have access to an extraordinary amount of life experiences for a "normal guy," take advantage of these lessons and my 20-20 hindsight.